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Costa Rica is a small but happy, healthy, and diverse country. It is the most stable democracy in Latin America and regularly places high on the list of happiest places on earth. Over 25% of the country is dedicated to national parks, and although Costa Rica accounts for just .03% of the earth’s landmass, 5% of the world’s biodiversity can be found here.

Costa Rica has excellent national and private healthcare systems and ranked fourth on International Living’s 2017 best places to retire list. Costa Rica also ranked second on their list of best places to receive healthcare in the world. The country does not have a standing army, allowing the company to focus internally on education, healthcare and well-being.

A stable economy has helped Costa Rica outpace other Latin American countries in terms of growth. In addition, the newly elected government is highly supportive of growth in general and development/tourism specifically. These attributes make Costa Rica an excellent place for real estate investment for residential as well as commercial.


Various direct international flights and friendly policies toward ex-pat land ownership have made Costa Rica a booming place for the vacation and second home market. This extends not just to North Americans, but also many Europeans. Now is a great time to invest in Costa Rica!

To view commercial invest opportunities, please click the link below.

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